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effigy to the glass horse god

Input text: 
the camera light is yellow. the ground is shiny. the sun is pale red. the huge tv. the 1st gigantic clear knight is 1 foot in front of the tv. the 2nd gigantic clear knight is east of the 1st knight. the 3rd gigantic clear knight is west of the 1st knight. the 2nd knight is facing southeast. the 3rd knight is facing southwest. the 1st cyan light is 5 foot in front of the tv. the yellow light is above the 1st knight. the flat black transparent horse is 2 foot above the ground. the horse is in front of the tv. the extremely gigantic white bird is behind the tv. the bird is facing up. the bird is 10 foot in the ground. the large tv is on the huge tv. the 2nd cyan light is above the large tv. the small tv is on the large tv. it is noon.
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watcher570 (legacy) 
very nice
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