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Prehistoric cave life.

Input text: 
a gold cave.the cave is 50 feet tall.a clear blue cactus is -50 feet above the cave.a upside down 3 feet tall clear yellow jellyfish is 1 feet right of the cactus.the jellyfish is 1 feet in the ground.a 4 feet tall clear red upside down octopus is 2 feet behind the jellyfish.a clear green upside down 4 feet tall jellyfish is 3 feet left of the yellow jellyfish.a clear cyan cactus is 2 feet behind the blue cactus.a clear orange upside down yucca is 1 feet left of the green jellyfish.the ground is silver.
Saturation, Hue, Saturation, Hue
flip (2016) 
zamchick (2016) 
roadstick (2016) 
Very nice
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