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cooling down and chilling out.
this took absurdly long to make lol

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the huge [water] lizard is 17 inches in the huge hill. the lizard is leaning to the back. the hill is sand. it is noon. the glass is in front of the lizard. the glass is 4 inches in the hill. the ground is water. the black headwear is -11 inches in front of the lizard. the headwear is 5 inches above the hill. the headwear is leaning to the back. the very tiny royal blue umbrella is 3 inches in the glass. the umbrella is leaning 40 degrees to the left. the tiny hat is -1.5 inches above the headwear. the hat is leaning 20 degrees to the back. the sun is peach.
susu (legacy) 
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insanely cool :-)
KAWE (legacy) 
Jijijams (legacy) 
This is badass
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