A day in the life of a fetus

Input text: It is noon. The ground is shiny. The sky is 1st heavenly body texture. The 1st heavenly body texture is 1000 feet wide. There is a 11 feet tall clear red ferris wheel on the ground. There is a 7 feet tall woman in front of the ferris wheel. There is a .8 feet wide flat sphere in front of the woman. The sphere is 3.5 feet above the ground. The sphere is sky texture. There is a flat 2 feet wide shiny cyan sun symbol 1.5 feet inside the sphere. There is a orange light on the sphere. There is a .6 feet tall fetus in front of the sphere. The fetus faces to the right. The fetus is 3.6 feet above the ground. There is a royal blue light on the fetus.
Tags:  #totwadayinthelife 
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Effects: Contrast, Sharpen
zamchick  (2016) 
first with great!!!
coyne  (2016) 
dk  (2016) 
just wow!
Nanook  (2016) 
the birth of a WOW!
KAWE  (2016) 
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