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Hell (my version)
when a hell spawn, the dumbest bird, a steak, something dead, the worst food, something thats soft but creepy and a pig go to hell and create a gang then set fire to the land of nothing.

Input text: 
the huge emu. the emu is facing the north. 1 foot left of the emu is a small green dinosaur. the dinosaur is facing north. a huge pigeon is 10 feet above the ground.the pigeon is facing north. the pigeon is 3 feet behind the emu. the sky is dark red. the ground is bright purple. the big black "Hell yeah!" is one foot above the emu. the "Hell yeah!" is facing north. a huge black pig is 2 feet left of the pigeon. the black pig is on the ground. a giant fire is in front of the dinosaur. the fire is 40 feet tall. the fire is 40 feet wide. a huge steak is 3 feet behind the pig. a huge green pepper is 3 feet left of the steak. a huge black spider is 4 feet left of the dinosaur. the spider is 30 feet tall and 30 feet wide. the spider is facing north.
#hell #trump2016 #nohomobro #emu 
Nanook (2016) 
humm, interesting.
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