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A day in the life of a moonlighting professor.
Times is rough...

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a huge black wall. the sky is black. the ground is unreflective tile. a japanese is 3 inches in front of the wall. a large black cube is 4 feet in front of the japanese. the cube is 5 feet wide. the cube is 5 feet deep. a small silver pole is on the cube. the pole is -.01 feet above the cube. a huge blue light is 6 feet above the japanese. a huge red light is 6 feet above the japanese. a huge yellow light is 6 feet above the japanese. a professor is 1 inch south of the pole. the professor is 4 feet tall. the professor is upside down. a woman is 1 foot east of the japanese. the woman is 5 feet tall.
Revolution (2016) 
This is hilarious
Nanook (2016) 
Day In The Life Of A Grade School Teacher

moonlighting has it's rewards
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