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Stars from plants

Input text: 
Three palm trees are on the beach. The first palm tree is green. The second palm tree is bigger and salmon. The third palm tree is biggest and light blue. The texture of the ground is painting-img-ar1331
chris (legacy) 
That is interesting! I didn't realize it was three trees when I saw it. I like how the trees connect to their shadows.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
Thanks! I'm learning how to use the system so I was experimenting with different angles.
rws (legacy) 
This one is quite enigmatic.*br*
coyne (legacy) 
It seems almost like a brush painting. I added it to the rotation of images that appear on the login page.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
chilin (legacy) 
At first glance, I thought this "was" a brush painting.
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