Bringing in supplies.

Input text: the ground is sea.a 20 feet tall first rock.the rock is 1 feet in the ground.a lighthouse is -5 feet above the first rock.a second 20 feet tall rock is in front of the rock.a third 20 feet tall rock is right of the second rock.the ground is reflective.the lighthouse's lamp is yellow.a fourth 20 feet tall rock is right of the third rock.a 40 feet tall fishing boat is 100 feet behind the first rock.the boat is on the ground.the fishing boat is 30 feet right of the first rock.a 30 feet tall fifth rock is left of the first rock.a yellow light is above the is night.a second yellow light is left of the boat.
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Effects: Saturation
KAWE  (2016) 
we-community  (2016) 
Great lighthouse lighting :)
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