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That's not the Man cub !
No ! but he will doo oobi do

Input text: 
a giant primate.a 10 feet tall snake is 1 feet left of the primate.a 10 feet tall tiger is 1 feet right of the primate.a man is 7 feet in front of the primate.the man is facing the primate.the tiger is facing the man.the snake is facing the man.a green light is in front of the snake.a red light is in front of the tiger.a yellow light is behind the man.a tree is 40 feet behind the tiger.the sun is quartz pink.
KAWE (legacy) 
a new interpretation of the jungle book?
watcher570 (legacy) 
After growing up with the cartoon version and then watching the new version I just had to do it !
KAWE (legacy) 
that was a good idea
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