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Late Night Delivery

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A humongous water drop is 2 feet above the ground. The ground is silver. A tiny catfish is 8 inches in the drop. A stork is -5 inches behind and -1.44 feet below the drop. It is sunrise. A dark grey light is 3 inches in front of and 8 inches below the catfish. Ambient light is black.
1278 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook (2016) 
Surprisingly he made the delivery instead of making it a mid-night snack. Really nice image, are congrats in order somewhere?
daniel (2016) 
This is amazing, especially since it was created on the iOS app. Creative, yet visually appealing.
boneybird (2016) 

Nanook (2016) 
The birth of the IOS family.
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Thanks - this one brings back memories... won't be that long now before my hoglets are fully grown hedgehogs :-)
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