Sunset in Nowhere

Input text: The beach is [water]. A 1st 20 feet tall orange castle behind the beach. the ground is glass. a flat shiny orange extremely huge sphere to the right of the castle. the sphere is 15 feet above the ground. a 1st clear tiny building to the left of the castle. the ambient light is orange. the sun is dark orange. a 2nd small clear building under the sphere. a 3rd small tiny clear building -6 feet to the right of the 2nd building. the building is above the ground. a orange boat above the beach. the boat is 40 feet in front of the 2nd building. a 2nd small orange castle to the left of the 1st building. A shiny orange man -3.7 feet above the boat. the man is facing north. the man is -17 inches in front of the boat. A 1st silver whale 15 feet behind the boat. the whale is facing southwest. a 2nd silver whale -15 feet to the left of the 1st whale. the 2nd whale is facing the southeast. the whale is leaning 60 degrees to the right. a 3rd huge silver whale 40 feet inside the beach. the whale is facing east. a shiny orange woman -10 inches above the boat. the woman is facing north.
Tags:  ##HD 
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Effects: Contrast
watcher570  (2016) 
I would like to be there.
Diigs  (2016) 
I'll send you the coordinates :D
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