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Spirit in the bottle

Input text: 
There is a huge transparent soda-bottle-vp1932 on the compound-vp6172 of water texture. The tiny ghost is pink. The tiny ghost is 1 foot above the compound-vp6172. The ground is shiny and brown. The sky is orange and shiny.
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
I originally wanted to place the ghost completely inside the bottle (his hands seem to be sticking out). "Inside" or "in" didn't really do that (but then maybe ghosts by nature should have the property to transcend physical boundaries...)*br*
technicat  (legacy) 
You can try specifying the ghost size, e.g. "the ghost is six inches wide"
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
OK, I'll try that.
technicat  (legacy) 
Maybe we should be able to say "the ghost is smaller than the bottle." I have a similar problem with a fish whose face is sticking out of a fish bowl.
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
The comparative for adjectives would be neat when using multiple objects. (Specifiying width of the ghost didn't work this time.)
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
The superlative too, perhaps.
rws  (legacy) 
Cute picture.
coyne  (legacy) 
I agree..those would be very useful. (They're on the longer-term todo list)
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