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summer love ?

Input text: 
a glass.a bottle is 1 inches left of the glass.a yellow wasp is 2 inches above the glass.the wasp is facing southwest.a first plant is right of the glass.the ground is grass.the sun is azure.a bee is above the first plant.the bee is facing southeast.a second plant is left of the bottle.a tree is 30 feet behind the glass.the bee is -3 inches left of the first plant.a man is 1 feet behind the bottle.the man is face up.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.a 5 feet tall girl is left of the man.the girl is face up.
watcher570 (legacy) 
someone gatecrashed my scene ! :-)
KAWE (legacy) 
who was the drunk?
Nanook (legacy) 
Rated X
watcher570 (legacy) 
It is Timothy and his friend Millie
KAWE (legacy) 
watcher570 (legacy) 
Thanks KAWE
KAWE (legacy) 
de rien
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