Goddamn Caravan's !!

Input text: a camper.a honda is -8 inches in front of the camper.a man is -65 inches right of the honda.the man is 2.5 feet tall.the man is 6 inches above the ground.a truck is behind the camper.a first hedge is 3 feet right of the honda.the hedge is facing right.a second hedge is behind the first hedge.the second hedge is facing right.a third hedge is 3 feet left of the honda.the third hedge is facing right.a fourth hedge is behind the third hedge.the fourth hedge is facing right.a fifth hedge is behind the second hedge.the fifth hedge is facing right.a sixth hedge is behind the fourth hedge.the sixth hedge is facing right.the ground is dirt.the sun is azure.
Tags:  #totwsummertime 
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Effects: Saturation
KAWE  (2016) 
coming from the Netherlands
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