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Input text: 
A big flower is in the basketball. The basketball is on a big "Go Illini!" cube. The cube is orange. The leaves of the flower are bright orange and shiny. The center of the flower is dark blue. The petals of the flower are bright orange. The stem of the flower is dark blue. The texture of the ground is grass. The grass is orange.
3D models:
rws  (legacy) 
What's the Chief idea here?*br*
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
In the final rendering of the picture, the petals seem almost black (instead of 'bright orange'), whereas they looked more bright and colorful in the picture development phase.
rws  (legacy) 
shadows, I guess.*br*
rws  (legacy) 
maybe you need it facing the sun.
ebbaalm  (legacy) 
The games without that silly dance around would be such a relief...
coyne  (legacy) 
It's probably a result of there being too much direct light versus ambient light. The dark part of the flower is the part in shadow (from the rest of the flower) and it looks so dark because the ambient light is too low relative to the direct light from the sun.*br**br*This scene makes a good test case -- I'll look into it more.
rws  (legacy) 
You could always adopt my solution: don't go to games.*br*
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