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It was ... one of those day's
It seemed that the drop would never leave the pump.
Mimi turned to face Ray.
"How much longer Ray ?" "I don't know" he replied."We have been here hours Ray and we have to feed and wash the children".Mimi replied.
Ray looked at the drop.
"One drop at a time , sweet Jesus."

Input text: 
a 4.2 feet tall pump.a man is -11 inches behind the pump.the man is -27 inches right of the pump.a 6 inch tall cyan drop is -2 inches right of the pump.the cyan drop is 1.7 feet above the ground.the drop is -24 inches behind the pump.the pump's shaft is green.the man is white.a woman is 1 feet left of the pump.the woman is facing the man.a bucket is right of the pump.the sun is azure.
Revolution (2016) 
So good
KAWE (2016) 
great, I will not tell what a short story :-)
Nanook (2016) 
"Oh what a day....."
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