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The Great Escape
While the mad scientist had his back turned, Timothy took advantage of the opportunity. Sarah, who had been bottled like a fine Syrah, was running out of time and Timothy knew it would be the last chance to save her. With this in mind he shoved the imprisoning bottle as hard as he could so it would break and Sarah could escape. The two of them successfully descended the ladder and ran from the building never looking back........You know the rest of the story....They lived happily ever after in short story land. THE END ; - )

Input text: 
a tiny woman is -1.6 feet above and -1.2 feet to the front of a large bottle. the bottle leans 55 degrees to the northeast. the woman leans 55 degrees to the northeast. the bottle is -0.2 feet above the giant table. the tiny boy is right of the bottle. he faces the bottle. he is -0.1 feet above the table. he leans 35 degrees to the back. a large plate is -0.7 feet left of the bottle. it is above the table. a fork is on the plate. a large aqua glass is behind and right of the boy. it is on the table. a giant man is 23 feet behind and -2 feet to the right of the table. he faces right. a giant bookcase is 10 feet right of the man. it faces left. a giant [wood] wall is behind the man. a small ladder is -4 feet to the left of and -0.1 feet in front of the table.it leans 40 degrees to the back. it is 1.4 feet above the ground
technicat (legacy) 
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
Nice one :-D you should do an animated short ;-)
Nanook (legacy) 
Thanks ...if only :-)
KAWE (legacy) 
the great escape really great
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