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Send in the Clowns
Once upon a time, the human clowns decided to create entirely synthetic human genomes, built from scratch. They wanted to climb the strands of DNA to reach the heavens and play God. Little did they know that one day their artificial creations would design even better humans, and those abominations would question why the original humans were needed at all. Fortunately for us, this story is not based on true events. Oh... umm... actually...

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The sky is [laboratory]. A huge glass DNA is 4 inches to the left of a huge gold DNA. A transparent huge turquoise DNA is to the right of the huge gold DNA. The huge gold DNA is 1 foot behind and -4 inches above a very tiny long low brick wall. A 2 inch tall man is on the wall. The man is facing the gold DNA. 10 white lights are 2 feet behind the wall. 4 pink lights are behind the wall. Camera light is black. It is evening. A tiny red warning sign is in front of and -7 inches above the wall. A 16 inches long black "PROPERTY OF MOTHER NATURE" is 2 inches to the right of the sign and -2 inches above the wall. A 1 foot long black "KEEP OUT" is 1 inch below the "PROPERTY OF MOTHER NATURE"
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very impressive.
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Thank you :-)
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