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You're Fired!

Input text: 
the ground is tile. a huge white wall. a giant [city] picture is .1 inch south of the wall. the picture is 2 feet off the ground. the picture is 12 feet long. the picture is 6 feet tall. a [black] desk is 4 feet south of the picture. the desk is on the ground. the desk is facing north. a blinds is .1 inch south of the picture. the blinds are 12 feet long. the blinds are 6 feet tall. a 3 foot tall swivel chair is 2 feet north of the desk. a computer is on the desk. a plant is 1 foot west of the computer. a bookcase is 1 foot west of the picture. the bookcase is on the ground. the bookcase is .1 inches south of the wall. a black lamp is 1 foot east of the picture. the lamp is on the ground. a big [fire] square is 2 feet south of the desk. the [fire] square is -.5 inches above the ground. a boy is -10 inch above the square. the boy is facing north. the boy is leaning 90 degrees to the north. a man is -8 inch north of the desk. the man is facing southwest.
we-community (legacy) 
Good one!
Nanook (legacy) 
LOL, Like the office but not the boss. ;-).
watcher570 (legacy) 
excellent !
susu (legacy) 
Great idea :)
KAWE (legacy) 
coyne (legacy) 
ah just realized it's a pun on "fire" :-)
Jijijams (legacy) 
This cracks me up everytime I see it
gollum777 (legacy) 
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