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Are YOU my mother?
A needy mouse ventures on after leaving a boy with a purple crayon.

Input text: 
the ground is grass. the sky is dark green. the lake is on the ground. the huge checkerboard snake is in the lake. the rat is on the snake. the barrel is in the lake. the barrel is behind the snake. the small blue quail is on the barrel. The 10 foot tall castle-vp1855 is to the left of the lake. the castle is facing right. the plume of the quail is bright red. the buoy is five feet to the left of the snake. the buoy is two feet behind the snake. the brown buoy is six feet in front of the buoy. the fifteen foot tall silver sphere is behind the castle. the sphere is six feet above the ground.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
I'm curious about the rest of the story (-* sub title)
coyne (legacy) 
Yeah, it would be great to be able to link sequences of pictures together to tell a story. A simple interface to do that shouldn't be to hard to do.
ebbaalm (legacy) 
That's a great idea!
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