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The cake is on the small table. It faces right. Golden cube is 2 feet above the cake. Cube is 3 feet tall. The mirror is behind the table. The mirror is 3 feet wide. The azimuth of the sun is 260 degrees. Ground is table. The glass man is 2 feet to the left of the mirror. Red light is in the man. Little transparent woman is 2 feet in front of the man. The man is facing the table. Man fits in big cage. whale is 5 feet behind the man. Whale is facing west. 5 big butterflies are 4 feet in front of the mirror and 1 foot in the air. Butterflies are facing east. The 12 big trees are 50 feet behind the mirror. 4 enormous drops of water are under the butterflies. Big snake is under the drops. Snake is made of glass. Snake is facing east
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