A Strange in the Neighborhood

Input text: a shiny tan head. a shiny small pipe -1 inch in front of the head. the pipe is 3.7 inches above the ground. the pipe is facing east. a white transparent tiny snake -6.3 inches above the pipe. the snake is facing down. the snake is facing east. the snake is -1.8 inch in front of the head. the snake is leaning 30 degrees to the left. the ground is transparent. a shiny hat -3 inches above the head. the sun is navy. a white light on the snake. a strong turquoise light in front of the head. a translucent tree 90 feet to the left of the snake. A translucent building in front of the tree. a huge flat sphere 3 feet above the tree. the sphere is facing east.
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coyne  (2016) 
WOW!! i love this!
we-community  (2016) 
me too!!!
Nanook  (2016) 
This speaks of a front cover of a novel (novela). There is definitely a story behind this one.
KAWE  (2016) 
the python is the strange??
zamchick  (2016) 
Jijijams  (2016) 
Diigs  (2016) 
Thank you guys! @KAWE the python is just to show the danger hoho
@Jijijams hahaha oh man, thank you! but i'm not that good
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