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a first man.a second man is 1 feet left of the first man.the first man is facing the second man.the second man is facing the first man.a building is 80 feet behind the second man.the building is facing right.the ground is grass.a first[fire]flame is -3 inches above the first man.a second flame is -4 inches right of the first man.the second flame is fire.a third flame is 6 inches above the second flame.the third flame is fire.a fourth flame is 6 inches above the third flame.the fourth flame is fire.a fifth flame is 6 inches above the fourth flame.the fifth flame is fire.a sixth flame is in front of the first man.the sixth flame is fire.a seventh flame is 7 inches above the sixth flame.the seventh flame is fire.a eighth flame is 7 inches above the seventh flame.the eighth flame is fire.a ninth flame is 3 inches above the eighth flame. the ninth flame is fire.
KAWE (2016) 
nice Pink Floyd cover adaption
watcher570 (2016) 
just a pity they weren't shaking hands.
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