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The Great Pretendo !

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a vampire.a 7 feet tall cabinet is 1 feet right of the vampire.a 1 feet tall head is -1.5 feet above the cabinet.the vampire is facing southeast.a woman is 6 inches right of the cabinet.a red light is above the head.a lemon light is in front of the head.a stage is 2 feet behind the cabinet.the stage is 18 feet tall.the stage is 5 feet in the ground.a hat is right of the woman.the hat is upside down.a first white light is 5 feet in front of the stage.a rabbit fits inside the hat.a first dove is left of the cabinet.it is night.a blue light is in front of the hat.a second white light is in front of the cabinet.a second dove is left of the first dove.a pink light is in front of the woman.a third dove is left of the second dove.
watcher570 (legacy) 
Not the world's greatest magician !
KAWE (legacy) 
super pic
boneybird (legacy) 

the greatest magician's assistant I ever saw
watcher570 (legacy) 
nice one @boneybird :-)
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