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This garden planted my grandfather. He marks out the territory, brought seedlings did "grafting", watering the young trees and happily removed the first harvest. Garden extensive enough in it and planted ornamental shrubs, broken beautiful flower beds. In the garden there is a small wooden gazebo with carved windows. Of course, there is an old lime tree in the garden, nowhere grafted. Perhaps she grew up here before being planted garden, chop it did not. And rightly so, because you can collect linden blossom tea. Yes, and the tree itself is impressive - high, powerful and unbending no storm. Under the lime tree as in magazine pictures, is a rocking chair. Here is good to sit in peace and quiet, read a book, browse web pages on the tablet and listen to the music player, leaning back in his chair.
Scene credits:
garden-1 (Scene)
watcher570 (2016) 
nice landscape.
boneybird (2016) 

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