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Flatland in Perspective
The townsfolk of Dullsville had no depth of character...

Input text: 
6 flat buildings. The ground is unreflective texture. The texture is 10 feet wide. A flat woman is 20 feet in front of and -2 feet to the right of the buildings. A flat man is 8 feet behind the woman. A flat boy is 6 feet in front of and 1 foot to the right of the man. The boy is facing south. The sun is white. Camera light is grey.
817 (Created on: IOS)
zamchick (2016) 
its very hard to pass flatland tourists on sidewalks
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
...except that they often slip down the cracks :-)
KAWE (2016) 
nice flat idea
Nanook (2016) 

What townsfolk?
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
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