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rainy curtain

Input text: 
a tiny ball. a 10 feet wide clear 1st metal is right of and 3 feet behind the tiny ball. a 8 feet wide clear 2nd metal is behind the 1st metal. a 6 feet wide clear 3rd metal is behind the 2nd metal. a 1 feet wide clear 4th metal is behind the 3rd metal. a yellow light is -0.5 feet behind the 4th metal. a tiny dodo is behind the yellow light. the ground has the [rain3] image. the [rain3] image is 3 feet tall. the sky is 100 feet tall. a red light is right of and 1 feet in front of the 1st metal. the camera light is black. a cyan light is left of and 1 feet in front of the 1st metal. the ambient light is sky blue. it is night. a 100 feet wide an 100 feet high translucent cyan 5th metal is 0.1 feet behind the dodo. it is 1 feet in the ground. a 100 feet wide and 100 feet high translucent cyan 6th metal is 3 feet behind the 5th metal.
Sharpen, Hue, Solarize, Contrast, Brightness
Nanook (legacy) 
Best one yet!! (rain)

susu (legacy) 
but unconvincing....
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