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Passages of Time.

Input text: 
a very large hourglass is -0.7 feet above the ground. it is leaning 23 degrees to the southwest. a [rust] car is 3 feet behind and 1.6 feet to the right of the hourglass. it is facing southwest. it leans 45 degrees to the southwest. it is -4 feet above the ground. a huge grandfather clock is 6 feet behind and 4 feet left of the hourglass.it leans 34 degrees to the northwest. it is -3.5 feet above the ground. a large gray window is 6 feet in front of the car. it is -0.9 feet above the ground. it leans 22 degrees to the southeast. a large [wood] door is 9 feet in front of and 0.7 feet to the left of the hourglass. it leans 78 degrees to the left. it is -1.1 feet above the ground. a large covered wagon is 3 feet behind and -4.5 feet right of the grandfather clock. it leans 90 degrees to the northeast. a giant clock is 5 feet behind and left of the grandfather clock.it leans back. the ground is 800 feet tall [sand]. a orange light is 2 inches in front of the clock. a yellow light is 1 inch above the grandfather clock. a aqua light is right of the yellow light. a green light is behind the door. a pink light is in front of the grandfather clock. the sun's azimuth is 78 degrees. the sun is old gold.the camera light is rust. a beige light is on the door. a dim cyan light is below the covered wagon
Cracked paint, Contrast
coyne (legacy) 
That's fantastic.
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
Cue Twilight Zone music...
KAWE (legacy) 
Yes everything breaks down over time
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