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A break from the Zoo 2.

Input text: 
the ground is sand. a large pizza. first 3 foot tall chimp is left of the pizza. second 3 foot tall chimp is in front of the pizza. third 3 foot tall chimp is right of the pizza. first chimp is facing east. second chimp is facing north. third chimp is facing west. the 8.2 foot tall rhinoceros is 3 feet in back of the pizza. the rhinoceros is facing east. the 4 foot tall couch is right of the rhinoceros. the 6 foot tall bear is on the couch. the bear is facing west. the chair is in front of the couch. the 2.4 foot tall cockatoo is on the chair. the 4.4 foot tall tiger is left of the chair. the tiger is facing the chair. the 7.7 foot tall zebra is -1.4 feet left of the tiger. the zebra is facing east. a mat is in front of the chair.
Nanook (legacy) 
Everybody needs a break. Nice one ;~) Especially the ones that are on display all day!!!
KAWE (legacy) 
a break with pizza?
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