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Must put the dinner in the oven !

Input text: 
a part.a bird is -6 inches above the part.a pepper is right of the bird.a potato is left of the bird.a broccoli is behind the part.the broccoli is -1 feet left of the part.a cauliflower is behind the part.the cauliflower is -1 feet right of the part.a lettuce is in front of the part.the ground is white.the sun's altitude is 90 degrees.
KAWE (legacy) 
bon appétit
zamchick (legacy) 
zamchicks don't eat chicken, otherwise we'd join you
KAWE (legacy) 
very wise decision
Nanook (legacy) 
Nanook's prefer seals but will eat any warm blooded specimen when the urge comes. :-)
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