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The ground is grass. The background is turquoise. The sky is turquoise. There is a tall pink willow tree. 5 feet from the pink willow tree is a tall red willow tree. 5 feet from the red willow tree is a tall indigo willow tree. There is a enormous blue bunny next to the pink willow. 79 feet from the blue bunny is a enormous magenta bunny. 63 feet from the magenta bunny is an enormous grey bunny. 5 feet in front of the grey bunny, there is a stack of 3 enormous pancakes. The giant white "I stole your pancakes!" is a few inches above the grey bunny.
Nanook (legacy) 
Such a cute beginning !
boneybird (legacy) 
if the white rabbit steals 3 pancakes from the magenta or blue rabbit and nobody is there to see it...
Nanook (legacy) 
...can he steal eat them?
Symone (legacy) 
Yes, but it would take him several hours.
Nanook (legacy) 
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