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I remember something...
I could feel someone else in the room. I couldn't move, just lie there frozen. All I could do was listen in the dark for sounds of foots steps and breathing. Noone ever came, but something was there.

Input text: 
A bed. a gray wall is 1 inch north of the bed. a big window is 1 foot above the bed. the window is on the wall. another gray wall is 4 feet east of the bed. the wall is facing east. the ground is unreflective carpet. a table is 2 feet east of the bed. the table is -1 feet north of the bed. a small lamp is on the table. a boy is -1.4 foot above the bed. the boy is leaning 90 degrees to the north. it is night. a blue light is .1 inch south of the window. the blue light is 8 feet off the ground. a monster is 4 feet south of the bed. the monster is facing northeast. a dim light is 5 foot west of the monster. the light is 4 feet off the ground. the light is 15 inches south of the monster.
Blur, Contrast
Nanook (2016) 
That eerie frozen feeling.....scary!
KAWE (2016) 
ask dr. freud
coyne (2016) 
very evocative!!
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