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Still Searching
Definitely a challenge.

Input text: 
a 2 feet tall marble is on the clear ground. the sky is [snow]. the camera light is black. a humongous transparent wall is 5 feet behind the marble. the ambient light is black. it is dusk. the sun is black. a humongous [rain] wall is 150 feet in front of the transparent wall. it faces back. a enormous dodo is 53 feet behind the transparent wall. it is 10 feet above the ground. 4 blue lights are 3 inches to the left of and -1 feet above the dodo. gray lights are right of and -1 feet above the dodo. 3 lilac lights are right of and 2 inches above the marble. 4 violet lights are left of and 4 inches above the marble. a charcoal light is 2 inches above and in front of the dodo
Contrast, Blur
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
halfway there :-)
Nanook (2016) 
so close ye so very far away :-(
susu (2016) 
water - some got too much

yeah.... that was about one of my closest and yet.... faaaaaar away...
susu (2016) 
dodo hates the rainy weather

another try
susu (2016) 
Hope springs eternal

and this one... the problem ist the picture to use for the reflections... you can't use just raindrops on a window.... it must be a real 'rainpicture', but i couldn't found a good one....
susu (2016) 
rainy curtain

so it tried it like this, to get the fealing of falling raindrops.... stil more than insufficient....
susu (2016) 
@Nanook maybe it could help to make a synthesis of the idea with the reflection of your rainy image (which is - just maybe - too frontal) and the perspective reflection like in @hedghog1965 'trouble ahead'.....
Nanook (2016) 
@susu yeah I remember your earlier pics and the 'rain curtain' pic is probably the best one so far...the search is both frustrating and disappointing when all your attempts seem to fall short of what you really desire. But I will keep trying and I'm sure I won't be the only one. As for now, you definitely have the best rain so far. ;-)
susu (2016) 
@Nanook maybe it would help if we can use textures on transparent walls.... but so far this is not possible :(
Nanook (2016) 
@susu I agree, I've thought it would be great to make textures transparent or change the color of certain ones, I guess a lot of us think along the same lines. I was also thinking about trying to somehow combine what all of us have been trying. We'll keep at it and if it can be done surely we can do it.
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