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Close Encounter

Input text: 
the large stone clothes iron is -7 inches above the large stone bird.it is -1.4 feet in front of the bird. the tiny stone rocket is -32 inches above the bird. it is face down. it is -6.5 feet in front of the bird. the ground is shiny grass. a large shiny translucent cyan clothes iron is in front of the large stone clothes iron. it is facing back. it is upside down.
Scene credits:
wanna fight? (Scene)
Nanook (legacy) 
ah, I remember this guy, nice to see him again ;-)
susu (legacy) 
Nanook (legacy) 
@boneybird, just took a trip down memory lane, it was nice to experience a bit of memory lane nostalgia.. "Burning Gun Festival", "God's Reading Room", always loved "Mojito Nights" but there are a couple that are missing...the visual response to one unamed challenge "come on in the pie is fine" Am I mistaking you for another? Anyway was a fun trip through your past images/thoughts. thanks for the memories.
boneybird (legacy) 
Thanks @nanook ! I think some may be missing because strcmd pulled his scenes down. That was unfortunate. He was great to have on Wordseye!
Nanook (legacy) 
Yeah, I knew that was why, strcmd and tutorial both.
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