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Tattle Tale Technology
How did we ever manage?

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a 3 feet tall screen is -3.2 feet above and -2.7 feet to the front of a 1st 9 feet tall steel fridge. a man is -2.3 feet to the front of and -5.8 feet above the fridge. he leans 13 degrees to the front. 2nd 9 feet tall steel fridge is -0.02 feet right of the 1st fridge. a 5 feet tall steel stove is right of the 2nd fridge. a 50 feet long 25 feet tall [tile] wall is 0.1 feet behind the fridge. the ground is tile. a 8 feet tall woman is 0.5 feet left of and 0.5 feet in front of the 1st fridge. she faces the fridge. a 1 feet tall emoji is -4.1 feet above and -0.8 feet to the front of the man. a large sky blue piggy bank is on the 2nd fridge. it faces southwest.a 0.6 feet tall and 0.6 feet long paper is right of and 0.2 feet behind the emoji. it leans left. the camera light is gray. the sun's azimuth is 200 degrees. the sun's altitude is 85 degrees. the sun is sky blue. a dim beige light is right of the woman
##HD #totwTECH 
watcher570 (legacy) 
with ease :-)
zamchick (legacy) 
KAWE (legacy) 
KAWE (legacy) 
are you (proud) owner of such an "intelligent" fridge?
Nanook (legacy) 
Nanook's Fridge
Wonder what's in Nanook's fridge?

@KAWE the answer to your question. :-)
zamchick (legacy) 
ah, much truer to @nanook form!
susu (legacy) 
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