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the [hippie] decoration is 2 feet to the right of the matisse head. it is 4 inches in the ground. the small red phone is 8 inches in front of the matisse head. it is 5 inches above the ground. it is facing the matisse head. the shiny glass cone is behind the phone. it is 3 inches in the phone. it is face down. the large clear sphere is on the [hippie] decoration. the plane is 1.4 foot inside the sphere. it is 3 inches tall. the heart is 1.5 inches above the plane. it is 1 inch tall. the extremely tiny mauve dragon is behind the plane. the ornament is to the left and above the plane. it is 5 inches tall. the white light is 3 inches in front of the plane. the ground is shiny grass. the very tiny man is 2.6 feet to the right and 2 feet in front of the head. the small brick cube is 2.5 inches in the man.
Scene credits:
selfie 2.0 (Scene)
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” (George Bernard Shaw)
Nanook (legacy) 
Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. (David Allen)
KAWE (legacy) 
"The only revolutionary power is the power of human creativity, the only revolutionary force the art." Joseph Beuys
boneybird (legacy) 
no shortage of wisdom here!
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