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Well protected cow
This pic has a real background. Scientists in Botswana painted eyes on the ass of cows to protect them from lions, it works

Input text: 
a [lion] cow is 40 inch tall.a 1st 4 inch tall eye is 28 inch above the ground.the 1st eye is facing back.the 1st eye is behind the cow. the 1st eye is -12 inch right of the cow.a 2nd 4 inch tall eye is 2 inch left of the 1st eye.the 2nd eye is facing to back.behind the cow is a 25 inch tall lion.the ground is grass.
watcher570 (2016) 
lespaulguy (2016) 
no sneaking up on her
Nanook (2016) 
I am flabberghasted :-o
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Are you sure this isn't a bum steer? :-)
KAWE (2016) 
i´m sure that is a cow because steers have no udder
Nanook (2016) 
Well she udder put on a bit of lipstick on a count a she's gonna scare off more than a lion....wait ...that's what we're trying to achieve isn't it? Never mind then, Job well done !!!
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