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And the new anti-aging formula

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a 1st man is 30 inch tall and 40 inch wide and 40 inch deep.right of the 1st man is a 2nd man.the 2nd man is 32 inch tall and 7 inch wide and 7 inch deep.right of the 2nd man is 3rd man. the beard of the 2nd man is gray.the 3rd man is 33 inch tall and 3 inch wide and 3 inch deep.left of the 1st man is a 35 inch tall scientist.the scientist is facing the 2nd man.the ground is texture.the sun is forget me not blue.the beard of the 1st man is white.the moustache of the 1st man is white.the eyebrow of the 1st man is white.the hair of the scientist is red.
Scene credits:
watcher570 (legacy) 
and a new anti-balding formula ?
KAWE (legacy) 
not yet found
zamchick (legacy) 
Cure For Baldness

Meant to put this here. But, can't do that yet on mobile.
Nanook (legacy) 

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