Input text: a 10 feet tall rust pole faces right. a 2 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide lime green "VACANCY" is -0.001 feet in front of the pole. the "VACANCY"is 6.4 feet above the ground. a 6 inch tall black "NO" is 1 inch above the "VACANCY". a 15 feet tall [brick] mount vernon is 6 feet behind the pole. the window of the mount vernon is beige. the ground is unreflective [pavement]. a 4 feet tall woman is -1.2 feet to the front of and -9 feet to the left of the mount vernon. a 4 feet tall man is -1.1 feet to the left of the woman.. he faces the woman. the shirt of the man is denim. a small pump shoe is -0.15 feet to the right of and -1.4 feet above the woman. it is -0.5 feet to the front of the woman. it leans 23 degrees to the southeast. it is dawn. the sun is coral. 1 aqua light is 6 inches in front of the "VACANCY". the camera light is sky blue. 2 dim orange lights are 2 inches above the woman.
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