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Midnight At The Oasis
"...send your camel to bed.."

Input text: 
a camel is behind a 25 feet wide clear lake. it faces southeast. a date palm tree is -0.1 feet behind the lake. a large bed is 3 feet to the right of and 1 feet behind the camel. it face 200 degrees to the south. the pillow of the bed is sage green. the blanket of the bed is sage green. 1st dwarf palm is -0.4 feet to the northwest of the lake. 2nd 8 feet tall dwarf palm is 1 feet to the front and -3.3 feet to the right of the 1st dwarf palm. 3rd dwarf palm is -3 feet southwest of the 2nd dwarf palm. 4th tiny dwarf palm is -1.5 feet right of the lake. it is midnight. the camera light is black. the sun's light is sky blue. the ambient light is olive. the sun's azimuth is 216 degrees. the sun's altitude is 86 degrees. 2 orange lights are 4 inches above the camel. 4 dim blue lights are 5 feet above the lake. 1 violet light is 6 inches in front of the camel. 1 pink light is 3 inches above the 2nd dwarf palm
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boneybird (2016) 
great :-)
KAWE (2016) 
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