white christmas

Input text: a christmas tree.a 20 feet tall wall is 2 feet behind the christmas tree.the wall is 30 feet long.a piano is 2 feet left of the tree.the piano is facing the tree.a man is right of the piano.the man is facing the piano.a woman is 6 inches in front of the man.the woman is facing the man.a first window is 1.10 feet behind the tree.the first window is 3 feet above the ground.a snow picture is behind the first window.the ground is snow.a first wreath is right of the first window.a 20 feet tall second window is left of the wall.the window is facing right.a yellow light is above the tree.a second wreath is 3 inches above the first wreath.the wall is paper.the woman is texture.the man is texture.the woman's hair is yellow.
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Nanook  (2016) 
The Hallmark channel's Christmas in July ! :-)
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