Season of the witch.

Input text: a 3 feet tall black table.a black wall.the wall is 2 feet behind the table.the wall is 20 feet tall.the wall is 30 feet long.a dish is on the table.a first candle is left of the dish.a second candle is right of the dish.a cup is behind the dish.a red puddle is on the dish.the puddle is six inches deep.a star is -3 inches in front of the table.the star is 6 inches above the is night.a first dull yellow light is on the first candle.a second dull yellow light is on the second candle.a lime light is in front of the table.a first red light is right of the table.a second red light is left of the table.a blue light is six feet above the table.a witch is 12 inches left of the table.the witch is facing the table.a chicken is 1 feet right of the table.a green light is right of the witch.a aqua light is right of the chicken.the ground is shiny.
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KAWE  (2016) 
oh very nice
boneybird  (2016) 
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