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Hoginson Crusoe

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It is evening. A 9 feet tall [beach] mountain is 35 inches in a humongous ocean. The ocean is on the ground. A 5 feet tall large mountain is -125 feet south of and -140 feet left of the mountain. The mountain is 30 feet wide [beach]. A hedgehog is -1.6 feet above and -87 feet south of and -100 feet left of the large mountain. A campfire is 6 feet behind the hedgehog. A tree is 16 feet behind the hedgehog. 2 scarlet lights are 10 inches in the campfire. A dark red light is 11 inches in the campfire. An orange light is 2 feet in the tree. Camera light is cream.
watcher570 (legacy) 
self portrait ?
hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
what gave it away? ;-)
watcher570 (legacy) 
trade secret :-)
KAWE (legacy) 
very cool grats
boneybird (legacy) 

Nanook (legacy) 

hedgehog1965 (legacy) 
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