Champagne Supernova

Input text: the sky is [space]. the ground is [space]. a gigantic wine bottle is 100 feet off the ground. a 50 foot tall [sun] north star is -36 feet above the wine bottle. a huge red light is north of the wine bottle. a huge blue light is south of the wine bottle. a huge bright yellow light is west of the wine bottle. a huge green light is east of the wine bottle. it is dusk.
Tags:  ##getty  #totwsongs 
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Effects: Solarize
Attributions: Getty Images
zamchick  (2016) 
as a great Wordseye artist would have said (@igliashon), "that's rad! :-)
Nanook  (2016) 

@zamchick channeling @igliashon and yeah I agree.
susu  (2016) 
What about @igliashon? Does anyone know? Hasn't been online for a (long) while....
Nanook  (2016) 
@susu I know and was just thinking about that this past week, I hope @igliashon is doing well, definitely missed. :,- (
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