cardinal misdirection

Input text: 1st cardinal is 8 feet above the ground. 2nd Cardinal is 2 inches to left and 1 inch behind 1st cardinal. 3rd cardinal is 2 inches to right and 1 inch behind 1st cardinal. 4 [blue] carnations 5 inches in front of 1st Cardinal. they are facing down. 4th cardinal is 30 inches behind 1st Cardinal and 10 inches to the left. 4th Cardinal is facing the moon. it is noon. the first gold light is -0.1 inches in the 1st cardinal. the second gold light is -0.1 inches in the 2nd cardinal. the third gold light is -0.1 inches in the 3rd cardinal. the purple light is -0.1 inches in the 4th cardinal. the camera light is pink. there is a large clear shiny moon 1 foot above the carnations. it is facing east. it is leaning 90 degrees to the left
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Nanook  (2016) 
@cemurp I have noticed that you haven't rendered any of your images in High Definition (rez). Maybe you didn't know each day you use the Wordseye site you earn 10 tokens and you can render in hi-rez for 10 tokens. On the properties page there is a blue box that says 'Render at HD' , if you click on it , it will bring up a page that asks you to confirm you want to use your tokens to render in HD. Be sure to do it before you add any effects to the image because it will erase them in the process of HD. Then add your effects. If you notice on the pics in the gallery some have a blue"HD" in the upper right hand corner, if you click on those pics they will enlarge even more for a more defined image. :-)
cemurp  (2016) 
@Nanook thank you! tbh i've pretty much just been using the mobile app & havent seen an option to render to HD, but i'm sure whenever i log on again i'll go back through and rerender some of them. youre right, some details definitely get lost
Nanook  (2016) 
@cemurp gotcha, I don't have that availability so I just learned something new :-)
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