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The Hobbit

Input text: 
a gold tube.the tube is 0.5 inches tall.a dragon is 10 feet behind the tube.a gold chest is left of the dragon.a gold flask is in front of the dragon.the flask is face up.the flask is facing south west.a gold volcano is 80 feet behind the chest.a boy is 6 inches left of the tube.the boy is facing the tube.the boy is 6 inches in the ground.a gold pebble is 1 feet in front of the flask.a gold candlestick is 2 feet left of the pebble.a gold cup is 3 feet in front of the chest.the cup is 1 feet right of the chest.a first gold coin is 1 feet behind the tube.a gold chain is 1 feet left of the first coin.a second gold coin is right of the first gold coin.a large diamond is right of the second coin.the diamond is upside down.the first coin is face up.the second coin is face up.a gold star symbol is 2 feet behind the first coin.the star symbol is face up.the ground is shiny old gold.the sun is old gold.
KAWE (2016) 
ah beautiful
lespaulguy (2016) 
o my precious!
Revolution (2016) 
Lord of the rings series are the best (great scene).
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