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Shotgun Wedding

Input text: 
the wedding cake is on the wooden dining room table. a shotgun is six inches to the left of the wedding cake. it is facing left. the table is on the marble floor. a very long stone wall is behind the table. a white plate is three inches to the left of the gun. a white plate is on the plate. a white plate is on the plate. a white plate is on the plate. a white plate is on the plate. a white plate is on the plate. a white plate is on the plate. a very tiny cowboy is on the cake.
coyne (legacy) 
It's cool how many of those idiomatic expressions (like this one) you've been able to do. It would be neat to collect them alltogether and make a Wordseye Proverbidioms poster!
rws (legacy) 
That's what I am aiming for. It has been kind of fun just rattling these things off one after another.*br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
There's a lot of visual wit forms we can tackle...superimposition, juxtaposition, subtraction (leaving something out), graffitti (on a cliched image), replacement (putting something else in place of magritte's apple on someone's face.....we've been hitting alot of these.
coyne (legacy) 
sounds like work, not wit.
Zamchick (legacy) 
yes...it is rather formal sounding coming from me. I'm starting to hunger for some other forms...It's interesting that I'm less inclined to do a new yorker style cartoon (image w/caption only) with WE. This may be because verbs are absent. It would also be nice to post say, a three image sequence, within the same render. Be fun to show morphing in this manner (like an egg hatching...) For instance, I could imagine giving a choice (using format icons) of full image render, split screen, or split top of screen and one big wide frame on bottom. Clicking in one of these sections would enable text entry to describe that area. Then one click to render all three within the same image.
coyne (legacy) 
I'm confused by what you're saying..could you clarify?*br**br*"Three image sequence in the same render"?? Do you mean three separate renders inserted into a single three paneled layout? Or a single render put into three sections?*br**br*Clicking on a section and doing text entry to describe that area means writing a caption or doing a wordseye preview?*br**br*One click to render all three means doing a display? or render? or just putting existing pictures into the panels?
Zamchick (legacy) 
Single render in three sections.*br**br*Wordseye preview for one section of a single render. (only one caption at bottom as currently)*br**br*One click submits all three as layed out for the single render.
coyne (legacy) 
why three copies of the same image? I can see you might want that sometimes, but if you put three separate pictures into the three panels you could tell a story like a comic strip.*br**br*What is this "one click" that "submits" all three? Isn't the scene rendered already rendered? If not, why not? *br**br*On what page is this "one click" happening?*br**br**br**br*
Zamchick (legacy) 
I sent you a jpg showing what I mean. A single render in three parts from within the workspace. It may be that once we create the story interface, that will handle this kind of thing.
coyne (legacy) 
ok...that's not a single render. That's three separate renders from three separate points of view on the same scene inserted into the three panels. No wonder I was confused! *br**br*Again...I don't see why it should be the same scene. Could be any three rendered pictures. Also not sure why this would happen in the workspace except to see the current scene in context of the others. A question of whether working on the scene is the same task as assembling the pictures and giving them captions. There's also the issue of aspect ratio. The bottom panel is short and wide. You'd have to clip the preview and render. That might call for workspace support.*br**br*
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