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This cannon shoots more accurately

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a man. a gold woman is in front of the man.the woman is leaning 90 degree to back.the woman is 40 inch above the ground.a large ring is -15 inch above the woman.the ring is 30 inch tall and 17 inch wide.below the ring is a tiny unicorn.the unicorn is 2 inch right of the man.a tiger is 60 inch behind the man.the tiger is on a small pedestal.the tiger is 20 inch tall.a elephant is 5 inch right of the pedestal.the elephant is 30 inch above the ground.the elephant is facing the tiger.the elephant is 33 inch tall.a small cat is -1 inch above the elephant.in front of the pedestal is a civil war cannon.the civil war cannon is facing east.the civil war cannon is -35 inch left of the man.a tiny witch is -2 inch left of the ring.the witch is 50 inch above the ground.the witch is leaning 110 degree to right.ground is sand.sky is [circus].the civil war cannon is leaning 16 degree to back. civil war cannon is -15 inch above the ground.the civil war cannon is 30 inch tall.the civil war cannon is blue.
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