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Eternal Life
The Sun Also Rises...

Input text: 
second scorpion is 140 feet right of first scorpion. golden shiny enormous pyramid is in front of the second scorpion. emperor scorpion is 20 feet right of second scorpion. golden shiny gigantic pyramid is behind the emperor scorpion. third scorpion is 30 feet right of the emperor scorpion. golden shiny very gigantic pyramid is 30 feet behind the third scorpion. small sphinx is -20 feet in front of emperor scorpion. small sphinx is shiny. boulder is 120 feet in front of enormous pyramid. the sphinx is facing the boulder. big egyptian statue above the sphinx. christmas ornament is behind the egyptian statue. first gigantic wing is -10 inches left of the christmas ornament . first gigantic wing is 1 foot above the sphinx. second gigantic wing is -9 inches right of first wing. second gigantic wing is facing the north. first wing is shiny jade green. second wing is shiny jade green. . first rock is right of the sphinx. second rock is left of the sphinx. first huge cobra is 20 inches in front of the first rock. second huge cobra is in front of the second rock. first cobra is facing the cobra. second cobra is facing the first cobra. first cobra is navy. second cobra is navy. eta is 50 feet behind the sphinx. enormous clear orange sphere is right of the eta. the sphere is 35 feet above the ground . yellow light is in the sphere. big egyptian statue is shiny.
watcher570 (2016) 
great scene !
rei (2016) 
KAWE (2016) 
simply super
boneybird (2016) 
very cool!
Nanook (2016) 
Nice asymmetrical symmetry :-)
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