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Fireball XL5
I wish I was a spaceman
The fastest guy alive
I'd fly you 'round the universe
In Fireball XL5
Way out in space together
Conquerors of the sky
My heart would be a fireball, a fireball
Every time I gazed into your starry eyes

Input text: 
The sky is 2000 feet wide [nebula]. The ground is silver. A spaceship is 150 feet in front of and -150 feet above a 200 feet wide heart. The heart is 260 feet wide [fire]. The heart is 500 feet above the ground. 8 red lights are below the heart. 2 orange lights are above the heart. A blue light is above the spaceship. An enormous cream rope is -54 feet above and -5 feet to the right of the spaceship. It is facing north. It is leaning 40 degrees to the back. A man is 34 feet to the right of and -49 feet above the spaceship. A large Jupiter is 50 feet behind and -100 feet above and 80 feet left of the spaceship. It is dusk. A 900 feet wide red star is behind and -350 feet above and -650 feet right of the heart. 12 red lights are behind the star. The azimuth of the sun is 2 degrees. The sun is mahogany. Camera light is lemon.
1537 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook (2016) 
Don't know the show but great image
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
Thanks - it was a 60s kids' sci-fi series by Gerry Anderson (à la Thunderbirds)
technicat (2016) 
Now i want to see some space: 1999 scenes!
Nanook (2016) 
was it in Scotland?
watcher570 (2016) 
golden oldie
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
@Nanook - all over the UK (and I've read it aired in the States too)
hedgehog1965 (2016) 
@technicat: yes, another classic I never missed as a kid (along with Blakes 7 and The Tomorrow People!)
technicat (2016) 
There are a few Gerry Anderson shows on Hulu. I saw a bit of UFO. Like an Austin Powers version of Space: 1999
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